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What is special about Jacob’s Well Montessori?

  • Spacious and well landscaped environment
  • British & Nigeria Curriculum for the primary
  • Well trained and God fearing Educators
  • Spacious and en-suite class rooms
  • Creative infant-toddler explorations
  • School is managed by London trained Montessorian and many others.
  • Full Montessori curriculum for the early years
  • Stimulating learning environment
  • Character Education Programme (CEP)
  • Safe and secured learning environment
  • Child Centeredness.

Robust Academic Content

Jacob’s Well Montessori School is an activity-based institution that provides a comprehensive learning experience that aids the child’s development into a responsible adult ready to positively impact the society. Our rich and broad based curriculum is designed from British and Nigerian curricula, such that all areas of development and learning are encouraged and promoted. Jacob’s Well Montessori School curriculum supports child-centered education, hands-on learning for the early years, use of current technology to deliver exceptional education, early discovery and development of skills and talents, training of pupils to achieve set goals and Character Education Programme (CEP).

Character Education Programme (CEP)

We recognize that there is a moral decadence in our society and the economic pressure is making parents too busy to give their children the required attention. Therefore, Jacob’s Well Montessori School incorporates a Character Education Programme (CEP) where every child develops thirty character traits every academic year. We model these characters knowing that for a child to stand out sustainably, he needs to develop godly character alongside with academic excellence.

A Prepared Environment

Jacob’s Well Montessori school environment is prepared according to Montessori philosophy and within the regulations of the Rivers State Government. The basic elements within the prepared environment are concepts of freedom with limits, structure and order, reality and nature, beauty and atmosphere, the Montessori materials and the development of a community life. The learning area for our infants and toddlers is designed as a programme room with construction area, creative explorations, dramatic play, literacy, math, outdoors and nature and sensory/science learning area. The safety, health, security and care of the children are paramount to us.

Quality of Personnel

The training and continuous development of all teaching and support staff is key to our organization. As a school, we understand that staff are the drivers of our vision and mission, therefore all our pre-nursery and nursery classes are provided with professional teachers that have in-depth understanding of ways to promote early learning in very young children. The primary section runs specialized classes in all subjects. The school employs only qualified teachers who are experts in their field for each subject and also provides platforms for their continuous professional development (CPD)


Technology has become an integral part of our society. It is part of everything we do including how we learn and teach. The future of the educational system is practically determined by the development of technology. Proper technology integration guides Pupils towards greater understanding of all concepts covered in class. Our ICT scheme has been appropriately developed to enable us achieve this set goal.

Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

The success of any school depends on effective communication between parents and staff. Parents need to know the way in which the school programme is innovative and the benefits of the curriculum. Through regular feedbacks, parent conferences, orientations and school open day, parents will have opportunities to interact with the staff regarding their children’s education.