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To be an international role model in the global education industry, by nurturing children to be lifelong learners, and achievers with Godly character.


JWMS, focuses on the holistic development of every child. Our team of well trained and dedicated educators, implement this goal by employing technology, value oriented principles, and resourceful educational strategies to ensure a well-rounded child is formed. Through a stimulating learning environment, we enable every child to maximize his/her potential to be : Godly, self confident, self-motivated, independent, excellent and an intellectually engaged learner for optimal societal impact.


GODLINESS: Believing in God, having reverence for Him and exhibiting Godly character in all ways as demonstrated by Christ. CHILD CENTEREDNESS: We give equal opportunities to all children, taking into consideration their needs and abilities. EXCELLENCE: We ensure the vision is communicated effectively through high standards of delivery. CARE: We create a safe and secure learning environment where children are catered for, listened to, and respected. INNOVATIONS: We explore diverse contemporary strategies to deliver exceptional education. DILIGENCE: We train our pupils to be hard-working and committed toward achieving set goals

What is special about Jacob’s Well Montessori?

  • Spacious and well landscaped environment
  • British & Nigeria Curriculum for the primary
  • Well trained and God fearing Educators
  • Spacious and en-suite class rooms
  • Creative infant-toddler explorations
  • School is managed by London trained Montessorian and many others.
  • Full Montessori curriculum for the early years
  • Stimulating learning environment
  • Character Education Programme (CEP)
  • Safe and secured learning environment
  • Child Centeredness.