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Our rich and broad based curriculum is designed from British and Nigerian curricula, such that all areas of development and learning are encouraged and promoted. Jacob’s Well Montessori School curriculum supports child-centered education, hands-on learning for the early years, use of current technology to deliver exceptional education, early discovery and development of skills and talents, training of pupils to achieve set goals and Character Education Programme (CEP).


Our infants and toddlers sections are set up to follow the child developmental norms on how babies develop stage by stage. The curriculum is designed with practical experiences on how best to support early development by embedding learning activities in daily routines. According to the Encyclopedia of Infants and Toddler Activities, “all infant and toddler activities support learning across emotional, social, language, cognitive, physical and motor domains”.

Nursery Section

In the nursery classes, we adopt the Montessori approach reinforced with Art, Music and Movement, Christian Religious Education (CRE), French, Writing, Computer and outdoor play activities. The Montessori curriculum area for the Nursery include Mathematics, Language, Practical life activities, Sensorial Training, and Cultural Subject which consists of science, history and geography.

Primary Section

Our curriculum and assessment procedures for this age group take into account the British National Primary Framework. In addition to the core subjects of English, mathematics and science, the curriculum includes history, geography, information technology, music, art, Physical and Health Education, French and Nigerian cultural studies (NCS). Teaching from the age of 6 is by subject and is conducted by highly qualified specialist staff. This is one of the component essentials of Jacob’s Well Montessori School. Our children from an early age are exposed to subject specialists. We conduct our Standard assessment at Key stages 1, and 2. This gives us an objective assessment of each learner’s progress and allows us to monitor his or her academic performances.